The Do’s and Don’ts of Credit Repair

It’s not easy to have bad credit. More often than not, your application for credit is going to be denied. Bad credit can be caused by a lot of things, like paying your bills late, an unusual number of hard inquiries, or being victimized by identity thieves. But whatever the cause, the result is still with you having a hard time with your financial and credit options.

It won’t surprise me to know that you are looking for ways to repair your credit score. Good scores give you credit flexibility and lower interest rates on loans. But here is where you should tread carefully. Opportunists looking to make money off desperate people abound. They will tell you how to go about repairing your credit that could end up harming it later on. Don’t get hoodwinked by these people. Here are some do’s and don’ts to help you get your credit score restored.

One of the first steps you should do is to have your actual credit score calculated. You can purchase your credit score calculated through the FICO model, which is the score used by most financial institutions. A rating of good to excellent credit should only need steps to maintain its current state. A score of poor, however, will warrant steps to repair your credit and get your rating back up to the positives.

Your credit report from the three reporting bureaus contains information regarding your credit history. This information includes any accounts that you have over the past years and the dates when you opened or closed an account. Any inaccuracy on the data found on your report should be disputed with the credit bureau that gave the report. This is for credit repair and safety reasons since any unauthorized hard inquiries and accounts may be a sign that somebody is actively trying to steal your identity.

Don’t expect credit repair to be hassle-free. It might be more tedious than you think. Don’t expect to just do a few things and your credit score will be higher than it is now. Also, expect the process to take some time. Some of the steps that you need to take could make you wait for months before you see any results.

If you know somebody you can trust that is very knowledgeable about credit repair, ask him for advice and follow that advice to the letter. One of the more common recommendations credit analysts would give you is to pay your bills fully and on time. Or not getting a zero balance on your credit card that would shorten your credit history and affect your credit utilization rate. This is very effective in getting those few extra points to help increase your credit score.

Ask us for assistance regarding your credit score and how to repair it. Speak to our credit professionals now by going to and scheduling your consultation. Here at Blue Water Credit, we have teams of highly trained analysts to make sure we get your rating back to where it should be.

Effective Tips For Ice Dam Removal and Prevention

Professional ice dam removal is a homeowner’s ultimate option when they find it too difficult to remove ice dams themselves. But, there are methods you can do to prevent ice dams from forming on your roof before they can cause damage. If ignored, ice dams can damage your house. These damages include structural, lifting shingles, water leakage, and damage to your gutters. Here are some useful tips for preventing this from happening, and if you can already see ice dams on your roof, these are the ways to remove them.

Understanding What Causes Ice Dams

An ice dam forms when the snow on the higher part of your roof melts. It melts because that part of the roof is warmer due to your hot attic. The water then goes down to the eave where it’s cold. The water then freezes and accumulates and finally turns into an ice dam. So, what are the ways to prevent ice dams from forming?

Switch to Metal Roof

It may sound tedious and costly, but installing a metal roof will prevent ice dams from forming on your roof. While ice may still form on your roof, ice dams will not form. Also, the snow and ice can be easily slid off from your roof due to its smooth surface.

Keep Your Attic Cold

The reason why snow on your roof melts in the first place is that the temperature in your attic is warm enough for them to melt. Keep your attic cold enough to prevent snow on your roof from melting. Closing up attic bypasses will help to prevent heat loss in your home through your ceiling and into the attic. Close up gaps in drywall, cracks, hatches and other air leaks. This way, not only you keep the heat in your home, but you also keep your attic cold enough to prevent snow from melting.

Remove The Snow From Your Roof

As simple as it sounds, it is the most effective way to keep ice dams from forming on your roof. Getting rid of the primary ingredient of ice dams is undoubtedly efficient. Use a roof rake from the ground to remove the snow or simply climb onto your roof and use a shovel. Be careful not to damage your roof in the process.

Ice Dam Removal Methods

Either you are too busy to prevent ice dams from forming, or winter caught you by surprise. You just didn’t have the time to do the preventive measures mentioned above. Now that ice dams have formed on your roof, these are the proper ways for ice dam removal.

Chip The Ice Off – Use an ice pick or an awl to chip away the ice dams from your roof. Start from the bottom and work your way up to the top part of your roof. Remember not to damage your roof.

Spray With Warm Water – This will loosen the ice which will help you chip away the ice easier.

Get Professional Help – If you do not have the time to do all the procedures mentioned in this article, then hiring a company who are experts in ice dam removal is the way to go. is a company that specializes in ice dam removal equipped with the best tools and knowledge. To know more, visit

4 Reasons to Consider

Knowing the best practices of credit restoration redeems you from having a bad credit history. Otherwise, having a bad credit score can lead to a lot of misfortunes and disadvantages in your life. Not only you will find it hard to apply for a credit card and loans, but it also could ultimately lead to being jobless and homeless. Recently, companies from most industries have been taking a look at job applicants’ credit reports to see signs of financial difficulty that could indicate risks of fraud. In simple words, the lower the credit score you have, the less likely you will get a job. To get a deeper understanding of why you should consider credit restoration, take a look at the reasons why you should start fixing your credit score.

High Credit Score is Equal to Low-Interest Rates

To get lower interest rates from your loans and credit purchases, you should have a high credit score. If you have a low credit score now, it highly suggested for you to consider credit restoration. An interest rate is an amount proportional to the value that is lent to you that you have to pay in a due period. For example, the car that you loaned originally amounts to $500 a month, the interest for this car is 5 percent. That means your payment every month is $525. The $25 is your interest rate. Having a high credit score could lower that interest rate and can save you money.

Save Money on Mortgage

Having your own house and to stop living in your parent’s basement has always been our dream. Having a bad credit score will stop us from fulfilling this dream. Understandably, most banks will not lend you a mortgage if they see you haven’t been a responsible payer with your debts and bill payments. While some banks might lend you a house, they will certainly give you a very high-interest rate that will cost you a lot of money.

Job Application

As mentioned, job applications can be very tough if you have a low credit score. Or if you already have a job, getting a promotion will be less and less likely the lower credit score you have. These employers take a look at your credit score to see whether you have been responsible. Late payments indicate that you are not organized or do not care much about agreements between yourself and a company.

Earn a Higher Credit Limit

Your creditors will likely reward you with a higher credit limit if they see that you have been a good payer. Having a high credit limit means you can purchase more. Be careful though as maxing out your credit utilization could hurt your credit score. Credit utilization is the ratio between your credit card balances and your credit limit. For example, you have a credit limit of $20,000 and you owe $10,000, then your credit utilization is 50 percent. If you have maxed out your credit limit, then your credit utilization is 100 percent. Remember that the lower credit utilization you have, the better your credit score will be.

Ask For Help

Credit restoration companies are not only there to help you clean your credit record. They are also consultants who can help you better understand how credit works. They can help you evaluate your credit report and formulate tactics to maintain your good credit score. Blue Water Credit is a company that can help you. With vast knowledge about credit, you can count on them to fix and maintain your credit score. Visit to learn more.

The Top 3 Strategies to Enhance Rankings in SEO

According to research, almost half of the world’s population uses the internet every day. Almost everyone we know uses Google to search for a service, product, or a specific business. Search Engine Optimization is a vital aspect of today’s marketing industry. If your website is not optimized for SEO, then assume that your potential customers have no way of being aware of your business. At least not through the internet.

To begin, let us define what SEO is and how it is vital to your business’ success. Search Engine Optimization is the practice where business owners do to improve their company website’s rankings in Search engines such as Google and Bing. Imagine if you are a customer looking for a product or service online via Google, would you choose the one shown on the top or would you choose the one shown at the bottom or even the next page? Probably the one at the top. So, what are the top strategies that are available for us to rank higher in SEO?

Mobile First

According to research, there are 224.3 million mobile users in the US alone and that number is regularly increasing. Mobile-friendly websites are sites that can be easily navigated and can run smoothly via handheld devices such as smartphones and tablets. With that, potential customers will have a good user experience when visiting your website via a smartphone. Here are the things that you need to consider doing to achieve a mobile-friendly website.

Make sure your website is adaptable to mobile devices. Meta titles must be short – they are easier to read on mobile phones. Do not put pop-ups that cover your content and disrupt your visitor’s reading. Keep your content short and simple without sacrificing the gist of your content. In the mobile world, long content does not necessarily help.

Page Speed

The page speed pertains to how quick your web content load. This is one of Google’s bases on ranking your website up. The faster your page loads, the higher you rank up. Your page speed is also essential for your customers’ user experience.

How do you speed up your web page? There are a lot of ways to speed up your web page. Minimizing HTTP requests, using a content delivery network, reducing server response time, choosing the correct hosting, and compressing your images and files.

User Experience

User experience is important in ranking up in SEO. It pertains to the customers’ experience with your website. If they have a bad experience with your website because your page loads too slowly, or if your website looks awful on their mobile devices, then you will lose visitors that could have been converted into customers. Improve user experience not only by improving your page speed and optimizing your website for mobile but also by providing them with content that is useful and relevant to them.


If you are a beginner when it comes to SEO and finds some of the terminologies intimidating, always remember that there are available consultants who are experts in optimizing a website for SEO. If you try to do it on your own, there is a bigger chance of resources wasted compared to asking for outside help.